Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Blow Dry Bar Salon Phenomenon

          I am loving this new salon phenomenon..... blow dry bars. A blow dry bar salon does only blowouts - no cuts, no color. The name, blow dry bar, speaks for itself. This concept is brilliant because it caters to those clients who only want their hair to be washed, blow dried, styled, and then out the door.

        Clients looking for a haircut, highlights, manicure or pedicure will need to book an appointment with a full service salon. Blow dry bar salons pampers those who want their hair washed and blow dried into straight, wavy, beachy, or stylish hairdos. Other services and amenities that can be found at a blow dry hair salon:

- blow dry with deep conditioning
- mini scalp massage
- specialty updo
- makeup application
- hair extensions

And there are services that do accommodate men and children, as well.

          Blowouts at a blow dry bar is typically cheaper than receiving the service at a traditional salon. A wash and blow dry style usually start around $30.00. For frequent clients, packages may be purchased at the blow dry bar salons to provide savings. If a client purchase a package of 5 blowouts for $120 that is a savings of $20.00.

          Blow dry bar salons train their stylist to work quickly and skillfully. A client can expect to spend no more than one hour for a blowout service. This is excellent for women who are able to come during their lunch hour, for example.

          Entrepreneurs nationwide are capitalizing on the blow dry bar salon phenomenon. Business is booming for a few blow dry bar franchises. Two franchises, in particular, experiencing great expansion are The Dry Bar and Halo Blow Dry Bar. The Dry Bar started in 2010 and by end of 2012 it had 25 locations. Halo Blow Dry Bar projects it will have 13 venues by the end of 2013. For those who wish not to go the franchising route, choose to open their own blow dry bar salon. Like with any business venture, do your research and count up the cost.

Happy blow drying!


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