Monday, March 4, 2013

My Product Review: ION Keratin Smoothing Treatment

           Goodbye chemical hair relaxers and hello keratin smoothing treatments. Yes, I have recently made the decision to stop chemically relaxing my hair. I have relaxed my hair for over 20 years and now and I want to use a product that is less abrasive on my strands but still achieve the same outcome...... straight hair.

          I went to Sally's Beauty Store and chose an ION Keratin Smoothing Treatment. What caught my attention instantly was that the bottle was labeled "formaldehyde free". I purchased a 12 oz. bottle for $19.99 plus tax. Beacuase the shelf life for ION Keratin Smoothing Treatment is 12 months, this is definitely a good buy. I am so excited that this will last me the entire year. Keratin smoothing treatments are usually  applied every 6 to 12 weeks using about 2 oz. per application. (So you do the math) Not only will my hair be healthier using a keratin smoothing treatment but my wallet will experience some savings. In the past (every 6 weeks), I purcased a chemical relaxer for $6.99 plus tax so in one year's time, roughly $56+ was spent.

          After making my purchase, I went online to check out some of the customer reviews for this product. Overall, there were some pretty good reviews. Nothing that made me rethink my decision about going with ION Keratin Smoothing Treatment. I was so thrilled that I couldn't wait to get started.

          Done with reading numerous reviews, it was time to read the directions. In a nutshell, the ION Keratin Smoothing treatment directions goes as follows: wash hair 2-3 times, blow dry, apply treatment, processing time, blow dry, and lastly, flat iron. Since I'm a person who loves details, here's the extended version for the directions:

  1. Shampoo with ION Keratin Clarifying Shampoo two or three times. For each shampoo, leave the product on at least 30 seconds prior to rinsing. More attention should be focused on cleansing the hair rather than the scalp.
  2. Blow dry the hair. Make sure it's completely dried.
  3. Section the hair in to 4 quadrants.
  4. Pour 2 ounces of ION Keratin Smoothing Treatment product into a non-metallic tint bowl.  While wearing gloves, apply the smoothing treatment in 1/4" sections with an enclosed tint brush. Then comb the smoothing treatment through each section. Be sure there's an even distrubution before continuing to the next section. Do not over saturate your sections. If product is remaining on the comb after combing through, that's a sign of over saturation.
  5. Processing time varies. For normal hair, process for 15 minutes. Resistant hair can be processed for 20 minutes. Once time has elasped, use a paddle brush to blow dry hair completely.
  6. Re-section the hair into 4 quadrants. Begin in the nape area, taking 1/8" sections to flat iron hair from the scalp to ends. Temperature can be set between 400 to 450 degrees. As a rule of thumb, normal hair at 450 degrees, fine hair at 430 degrees, and overprocessed hair at 400 degrees. To seal the kearatin treatment into the hair, pass the flat iron through each strand about 4-5 times.
           I thought this was going to be a real long process and it really wasn't for me. For some women, who aren't used to doing their own hair may become overwhelmed with this process. Achieving the end result, straight hair, it was all well worth it. My hair was so soft, straight, and conditioned. I fell in love with my hair all over again. Seriously, it looked like a fresh chemical relaxer touch up but much better! Yes, no more chemical relaxers for me. I just want my hair to be healthier and regain its thickness.

          Washing my hair for the first time..... My first hair wash after the keratin treatment, I was a little bit nervous. I understand that this process is only meant to soften my kinky curly hair. And that it doesn't enter the cortex, rearranging the bonds of my hair like a chemical relaxer (permanently straightening my hair).  So yes, my hair was curly so concerned kicked in just a little. lol  Was my hair going to be straight like the it was just after the treatment?? I used a heat protectant and flat ironed my hair. Lo and behold, my hair was back straight again. Because it's the colder months right now, I'm anxious to see how humidity will affect my hair this summer.

          Overall, I had a great first time experience with ION Keratin Smoothing Treatment. I will be definitelly retouching my hair up again with this product. But before I let you go, I want to share a few tips:
  • Do not wet, shampoo, or firmly secure  the hair with accessories for at least 72 hours.
  • For maintenance, use the product line associated with the smoothing treatment. (Sodium-Chloride free)
  • Hair can be colored before the treatment.
  • The re-application can be done on the entire head.
  • The treatment can be done as often as 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Depending on lifestyle and maintenance, the treatement can last 3 to 5 months.

            Please share your thoughts, opinions, and comments below on keratin smoothing treatments.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi I just used ion keratin treatment.. results are great but want to know can I color my hairs after this... n if yes how long should I wait to color n wash

  2. Yes, you can color your hair after the treatment. Wait at least 2 weeks after keratin treatment

  3. I just got my hair treatment by my daughter who's a beautician and I love the results. My hair is shiny and holds curls all day long. I absolutely love this product!

  4. What Ion Keratin product do I use for extremely dry scalp and extremely dry ends. I love this product but have those issues that needs to be taken care of. Thanks! M.

  5. I love this stuff. So affordable and very effective. I found a short cut that makes the whole process a breeze. Instead of sectioning and brushing the product on each section (pain in the ass!) I put it in a spray bottle with enough water to make it sprayable and douse my hair with it. Best results ever. I just let it air dry and then finished it with a blow dry for smoothing and then did the flat iron part as instructed. ALSO, I found that coloring my hair first was better for me because I feel like each time I colored my hair it broke down the treatment a little more than just washing it did.

    1. Thanks for the short cut Great idea!

  6. How bad is it if I wash my hair at the 60 hour mark? I have a lunch date tomorrow and my hair looks so greasy and flat.

  7. where can i buy thiis product and how much it cost :)