Friday, November 30, 2012

Please Pass The Tape For My Hair

          I attended a hair trade show recently and I was really impressed by a demo I saw on hair extensions. The stylist was installing tape-in hair extensions on the model. What? Tape and hair extensions. Who would have thunk these two go together? She was applying the hair extensions quickly and with such ease, I was almost mesmerized. Because I had never used them myself, I've decided to do a little research and as a result, today's blog post.

 Want no weaving, plaiting, clip-ins, or bonding of hair extensions? Then tape-in hair extensions are the way to go. Currently, I swap between glue-in and clip-in hair extensions. So impressed, I'm going to give tape-in hair extensions a trial period soon. What I absolutely love about tape-in hair extensions.... no special tools or skills needed for its application.

        Tape-in hair extensions utilize tape for its installation. The topmost strip of the hair weft is made from a very thin, seamless polyurethane strip with tape. This is to ensure seamless integration. The strips of clear, double-sided tape is attached to the base of the weft. Some hair extensions are offered pre-taped or tape can be applied just before installation of extensions. When making your hair selection, as with any hair extensions installation, tape-in hair extensions are no different. You need to choose hair that matches your own texture and color, as your natural hair will be visible and will need to blend. The best quality hair to use is remi hair, virgin hair, or cuticle hair extensions. Yes, they are more expensive but the higher grades yield a more long lasting, natural look. 

         Tape-in hair extensions technique can be peformed at the salon or by a DIY woman at home. Before applying tape-in hair extensions, make sure your hair has been properly cleansed with a great clarifying shampoo. No need to follow with a conditioner because this may hamper the tape-in installation. You install by first parting the hair where you want to lay the hair extensions. Then measure how much you need, cut, and apply the tape-in hair extensions. Most used technique is to "sandwich" your hair between two pieces of the tape-in hair extensions. It's recommended that you place the hair extensions about 1/3" from the scalp. (Yes, these do get applied to your hair and not your scalp.) 

        If cared properly, tape-in hair extensions can last up to two (2) months. Tape-in hair extensions do not wash out easily so you can wash and style your hair as usual. Straightening, blow-drying, shampooing or conditioning is not going to damage the tape-in hair extensions. Do be extremely conscious of how much hair oil you apply. Too much can loosen the tape bond.

       To remove tape-in extensions, there's a special formulated spray. This spray helps break down the adhesive tape bond. It's not complicated at all. You spray the solution onto the taped portion of the hair extension and you gently peel the hair extension from your hair. The use of a small tooth comb can assist with carefully removing the hair extensions. Any adhesive remnants can be removed from your hair with a gentle clarifying shampoo.

       During the hair extensions demo, I learned, also, that you can resuse your tape-in hair extensions. OMG! What a great benefit. I do resuse my glue-in hair extensions but after a few times, they become yucky to me. The tape-in hair extensions seem like a lot cleaner process all the way around. Of course, only resuse the tape-in hair extensions if you feel (using your best judgment) that they are in good condition. When re-installing tape-in hair extensions, you will need to apply new adhesive tape to the hair extensions.

       I've checked out two of my local hair and beauty stores and they don't carry tape-in hair extensions. Really? I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, I wrote down the companies' names from the hair trade show and they do sell them online. The two websites that I'm going to check out are: Cinderella Hair Extensions and GBB Hair

      Please let me know about your experiences with hair extensions. I would love to hear from you if you have used tape-in hair extensions.

Thanks for reading!

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