Monday, June 9, 2014

Hair Mistakes That Age You

       There is nothing worse than choosing a hairstyle that ages you and
ultimately makes you look beyond your actual years. There are a few

general hairstyle mistakes that can make anyone look older without
even intending it and knowing what to avoid is the best way to keep

yourself looking young and fresh no matter your age. Let's look at a few
of the tips that the pros use.

Hair  Length
        The first mistake that most women make is the overall length of your
hair. Most maturing women should consider wearing their hair shorter
than they would have been able to get away with during their youth. When
we are younger, longer hair does not make you look older but as you age
and your skin begins to loosen and sag, longer hair can give your face a
longer look. The longer the hair, the longer your face will look.  Keeping your hair a bit shorter, 
is a great way to keep yourself looking fresh and young. Another issue with length is that as hair 

ages, it splits and frays far easier and the longer you hair is, the worse the
ends tend to look.

Hair Coloring 

        Though it may seem like dyeing your hair black as you mature is the best
thing to do, dyeing your hair dark can make you look older than you are.
As skin ages, it loses pigment and becomes sallow or pale. Dyeing your

hair a color that is not natural, that is not light and warm, can make
you look years older. If you choose to color your hair as it grays, you
should stick to warmer tones that help to liven up the skin rather than
make it appear more sallow and pasty. Hair with warmer tones can bring
light and vibrancy back into the face making you look years younger.

Choosing a Hair Style
        The last mistake that women make is to follow trend styles simply
because they are trendy. It is far better to keep your hair in a style that is going to make your face

look younger rather than following styles that are simply on trend. A great example of this is long

straight hair, this look is not for every face shape and one should be careful when wearing it. It is

always best to follow styles that are right for your particular face so that you can be

sure you get the best overall look. It is best to fit your hair style to
your face shape to help make your face look younger and more alive.

         These tips are incredibly easy to follow and if you find a good hair
stylist, you can be sure that they will help you figure out what style
and color is best for you. Taking the time to tailor your hairstyle to
your age is a great way to keep from looking older and to keep your
style fresh.

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